US Congress blocks crucial aid to Ukraine

US Congress blocks crucial aid to Ukraine

For Moscow, peace implies a neutral and amputated Ukraine

Comforted by the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, Russia believes more than ever that peace requires a Ukraine deprived of its southern and eastern regions, said Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for Russian diplomacy, in an interview . written with Agence France-Presse. In addition, she reaffirmed the official line that the Russian army attacked its neighbor on February 24, 2022 to protect Russia and Russian-speakers in Ukraine from Westerners.

“We do not allow the existence near our borders of an aggressive Nazi state whose territory will constitute a source of danger for Russia and neighboring countries”, asserted the spokesperson. For the diplomat, a very prominent public figure in Russia, even if Russia is a belligerent, it cannot be responsible for the absence of a peace process. According to her, there is no “No political will for peace, whether in kyiv or in the West”.

She categorically rejected the peace plan put forward last year by the Ukrainian leader, which foresees that Russian troops will leave his country, almost 18% of whose territory is occupied by Moscow’s forces. For the spokesperson for Russian diplomacy, Ukraine’s main demand, namely respect for its territorial integrity and sovereignty “actually has nothing to do with peace”. “It is in fact a series of ultimatums prescribed to Russia to justify the continuation of hostilities”she says. “kyiv does not want to take into account current realities and pursues the goal of making our country capitulate with the help of the West”in retaliation against the Russian official.

MMe Zakharova also sharp “failure” of the policy of sanctions against Russia, ensuring that the West has not succeeded in isolating the country. For her, these measures were the same “returned” against the West and “the international authority of the Russian state” was strengthened. Western sanctions “did not reduce Russia’s geopolitical influence”“, assured Maria Zakharova, who assures that 80% of the world’s population lives in countries that have not adopted any sanctions against Russia.

MMe Zakharova welcomed in this interview that Russia is developing a “growing cooperation” with many nations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, despite efforts “desperate” of the West to turn these countries against Russia. In Asia, Moscow sees Beijing as a partner “who has the same ideas” and with which he can build a “comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction”she added.

She also claimed responsibility for Russia developing relations with North Korea, accusing the United States of “follow the path of escalation on the Korean peninsula by allowing their military activity in the sub-region”. “Such a policy on the part of the United States is dangerous and fraught with serious consequences”she judged.

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