the composition of Gabriel Attal’s government has been announced

the composition of Gabriel Attal’s government has been announced

The Anglo-Saxon press doubts the appointment of Gabriel Attal to “break a political impasse” and push back the far right

“Telegenic” (The Guardian), “beautiful, young and charming” (BBC), while the New York Times or even the Washington Post note the fact that he is the first openly gay head of the French government: a few days after his appointment, Mr. Attal arouses the interest of the Anglo-Saxon press – which also mentions the arduous task facing him. “Youthful optimism may not be enough”, estimates the editorial of Guardian.

Mr Macron’s decision to appoint the short-lived education minister as prime minister “is a choice intended to delight optimism and hopes of democratic renewal, but the president is perhaps relying too much on simple background music. Like MMe Borne discovered to his cost, the lack of a majority in the Assembly made the role of prime minister in Mr. Macron’s second term almost impossible. Mr. Attal will certainly focus on the atmosphere and stay away from new major legislative battles”writing The Guardian. Besides national politics, the English newspaper estimates that “the ultimate challenge for Attal in the coming months is to try to limit the gains of the far right in the European elections” scheduled for June.

Mr. Attal, “will he be able to revive Emmanuel Macron’s fortune? »I ask The Economist. Skeptical, the magazine thinks that the choice of the head of state is “bold rather than safe, and carries its own risks.” “No amount of youthful energy and public charm will change the underlying problem: how to continue to reform France and make difficult decisions”, without an absolute majority in the National Assembly. Nevertheless, “if the new prime minister succeeds, he could perhaps use his position as a springboard to try to succeed his boss” to the next presidential election, in 2027, advance The Economist, like the Guardianwho believes that “If he can avoid mistakes while instilling a new sense of optimism, France’s new prime minister will be one of the favorites to win the right to take on Mr.Me Le Pen in 2027.

The BBC, which is full of praise for Mr. Attal, whom it judges “convincing” She also has doubts. “As things currently stand, Mr. Attal will be faced with exactly the same problems as his predecessor, Elisabeth Borne.” British radio asks if “by removing Gabriel Attal from his pack of ministers, Mr. Macron is using a like to outdo the lady and her valet (Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella). But will it work? »

On the United States side, “The child prodigy chosen by the president”according to New York Times, “could be a more attractive figure than MMe Terminal for the center right”.

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