the State could limit the conditions

the State could limit the conditions

The State wants to put a brake on the financing of motorcycle licenses through the personal training account (CPF), by limiting the use of this system to a single light license, declared to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Thursday 11 April, union sources. The State communicated its intentions during a meeting Thursday with the unions on the CPF, at the Ministry of Labor.

If the State carries out this project, holders of a B (car) license will no longer be able to finance their motorcycle license with the CPF, as many of them have done since the motorcycle license was opened to this type. financing, following a bill adopted in June 2023.

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According to representatives of two trade union organizations participating in the meeting, the government also wants the remainder of 100 euros for the employee who uses their CPF to be reassessed each year according to inflation. “The CFDT is not in favor of this decision, it will prevent employees with modest incomes from continuing to use their CPF”declared CFDT representative Yvan Ricordeau.

When requested, the Ministry of Labor did not respond to AFP’s questions at the start of the evening.

A law proposed by the deputy for Vienne Sacha Houlié (Renaissance) opened from 1uh January funding by the CPF for all types of licenses, including motorcycle and cart licenses. Until now, only B licenses, heavy goods vehicles and buses were concerned. Since January, the measure has caused a craze for motorcycle licenses.

According to an estimate circulating in the ministry, the motorcycle license will end up, if nothing is done, costing as much at the end of the year as the remaining 100 euros imposed by the government will bring in, or 300 million euros.

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