a 15-year-old boy dies stabbed during a fight

a 15-year-old boy dies stabbed during a fight

A 15-year-old minor died on Saturday April 27 in the evening in Châteauroux (Centre-Val de Loire) in a fight with knives and the alleged perpetrator, also aged 15, was arrested, said Sunday Agnès Auboin, public prosecutor of Châteauroux. The brawl occurred on Saturday around 6 p.m. on the public highway and the victim died in hospital in the evening, the prosecutor said in a press release.

Arrested about two hours after the fight, the suspect, also 15 years old, was taken into police custody, according to Mr.Me Aubon. The alleged perpetrator “has never been convicted by the courts and his record is clean of any conviction”according to the magistrate.

Testimonies raised suspicions that the mother of the teenage suspect could be involved in Saturday’s events, according to the prosecutor. The woman, aged 37 and with no criminal record, was also taken into police custody.

With no criminal record, the stabbed teenager, apprentice cook and son of a restaurateur, was accompanied by a friend, an apprentice like him, at the time of the facts, according to a source close to the case.

An investigation into intentional homicide was entrusted to the Orléans judicial police and the departmental judicial police service of the Châteauroux police station and an autopsy of the victim was ordered by the public prosecutor’s office.

Two criminal proceedings concern the alleged perpetrator

The prosecutor specified that two criminal proceedings concerned the alleged perpetrator of this homicide, including one for acts of aggravated theft with violence. He had been indicted “for acts of a correctional nature” and placed under judicial supervision by an investigating judge on April 22, “the only security measure provided for by the juvenile criminal justice code given his age, without previous conviction”.

According to a witness communicated by an Agence France-Presse correspondent, this minor was part of a group of attackers who raged a week earlier in a park in Châteauroux and “who had surrounded a 22-year-old man” and attacked him. This witness said he “ran” And “filmed the scene” to put an end to this aggression.

The mayor of Châteauroux, Gil Avérous, asked not to “to stigmatize, Saint-Denis is usually a quiet neighborhood”.

The death of this teenager comes after several incidents of violence between young people which have strongly influenced public opinion, such as the fatal beating in Viry-Châtillon of Shemseddine, 15, near his college.

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