Israeli army announces taking control of Rafah crossing point

Israeli army announces taking control of Rafah crossing point

A foreign doctor present in the vicinity of Rafah testifies to “World”

Our journalist Jean-Philippe Rémy, special correspondent in Israel, collected the testimony of a foreign doctor present in the vicinity of Rafah. He tells the Worldin audio messages, the last hours that have just passed.

“On Monday, several neighborhoods or “blocks”, according to the terminology in force among the Israeli military forces, were classified as “red zones”. All these places are east of Rafah city. Some of these areas are very densely populated, they are residential areas and, naturally, they are infinitely more populated (than before population displacements) given that crowds of people came to settle there (these last months), expelled from other parties in Gaza. »

“There are still Rafah evenings which are classified as “green”, but the fear is obviously that they will become “red” very quickly. The strikes have been very intense since Monday. People who flee have this fear of strikes, as happened to them in the parts of Gaza they fled. In the areas designated red, very quickly, there were airstrikes, artillery fire, and within a few hours, from the afternoon onwards, we saw people fleeing in large numbers. »

“Many people fled towards the West, towards a green zone, and in particular towards Al-Mawasi. It is a sandy area along the coast, which is already full of people who have been displaced from all parts of Gaza. When we drive along the coastal road (along the Al-Rachid axis), we see that there are tents translated to the sea, to the limit of the water, the beach is black with people. This was not the case, to this extent, when I was there in December. Now Al-Mawasi is jam-packed with displaced people. On the road Monday, there were probably hundreds of vehicles of all kinds, filled with important people and their remaining possessions. They were driving north, forcing their way out of Rafah, to reach an area of ​​refuge. »

Jean-Philippe Remy

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